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The Linden Lab employees — commonly known as "Lindens" — needed a virtual world to go with their hardware, so in 2001 they started building "Linden World", as described in an early news story.In this early state, Linden World wasn't open to the public, was very gun-focused (like a shooter game) and its avatars were made out of prims (called Primitars).We started by debating the merits of a 'place' name versus a 'descriptive' name.

He envisioned a vast green, continuous landscape, distributed across multiple servers — and went on to build it.

This video shows how the world looked back then and how users could interact with it: "Originally, during the Alpha period, the grid was known as Lindenworld.

As we were getting ready to launch the Beta, we decided we needed a name that would convey the expansiveness, involvement and complexity we hoped would characterize this world as it grew.

Off to the woods I ventured, deep within were one could almost pierce the veil and see beyond to the fai...

more SLURL - Village Resort/110/71/23 Marketplace - Elegant Sea Club with lounge terraces, dance floor, bar, dy booth, pier. more The wind is blowing hard today, it had been mild when I left for my walk. Need to join the website and utilize it, use voice, have your own DJ software, be a nice welcoming person, and be able...

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