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In the form, frm Store, the two unbound date fields txt Start and txt End the format is set to Short Date. Where exactly do I put it and how do I get it to relate to my piece of code? This would seem to be preferred "mm\/dd\/yyyy" not done that way your user could change the date separator in regional settings to . I didnt understand how it would work with "mm/dd/yyyy" until I read the link Chris O provided to Allen Browne article.

On Lost Focus event procedure of txt End the following code is attached: Private Sub txt End_Lost Focus() Store.

Update 'Save the primary key value, to use as the foreign key for the related records.

Record Count 0 Then str Sql = "INSERT INTO [dbo_tbl Order Details] ( Order Number, Ace Number, Quantity, Price ) " & _ "SELECT " & lng ID & " As New ID, Ace Number, Quantity, Price " & _ "FROM [dbo_tbl Order Details] WHERE Ordernumber = " & Me. Execute str Sql, db Fail On Error Msg Box "New Order Complete, Edit and Save", vb OKOnly vb Informationc New.

In the table tbl Orders, the Order Date field is set to Date/Time and the format is set to dd-mmm-yyyy. Filter = "[Order Date]Function USdate(EURODate As Date) As String Dim month, day, year As Integer day = Date Part("d", EURODate) month = Date Part("m", EURODate) year = Date Part("yyyy", EURODate) USdate = month & "/" & day & "/" & year End Function=#" & Format(txt Start.[dd/mm/yyyy]) & etc I get this error: Run-time error 438 Object doesnt support this property or method Hi Johny, Would you mind explaining a little bit more about the function. Rich, I understood I had to repeat the Format for the second date and you didnt mean etc. I guess I was being lazy replying by not typing out the full line and just used etc. Sorry, about changing the date format to "dd/mm/yyyy". There are 2 examples in chapter 8 - one using SQL parameters, the other using Kettle variables.You did the first example and struggle with the second?As follow up story on Visual Report Writer and the web this time the first report available on the demo website for Visual Report Writer. " but read on and discover that there is enough to tell about this report and the integration.The first report that can be started on the website is called Invoice.

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Hello, I created a MS Access Application and decided to learn some VB and make it an application.

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