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According to an article in a 1907 bulletin published by the US Geological Survey, monazite mines in North and South Carolina produced 846,175 pounds of monazite sand in 1906, the year this postcard is postmarked.At that time, the monazite mined in the Carolinas was valued at approximately 18 cents per pound.

So needless to say, I was thrilled to find in the August 2002 issue of Barbie Bazaar magazine an article in which a Barbie collector had created a backdrop of a medieval castle in which she placed Barbie and Ken dolls dressed up as characters from Christopher Marlowe's play Edward II. Can't reprint it here for copyright reasons, of course, but the issue is worth searching around for if you ever wondered what Edward II, Queen Isabella, and others might look like as Barbie and Ken dolls.

And no, I don't have the slightest idea why a subdivision developer in Apex chose to name a street after Caerphilly Castle.

The subdivision doesn't have a Welsh theme, or a British theme, or a medieval theme (although there is a Parsifal Street there too, come to think of it), or any coherent theme at all--one of the streets close to Cairphilly Castle Court is named Gopher Lane.

“It was a great tournament, extremely competitive,” said Marissa, age 15.

“Each club selected only their best teams to represent them so it was tough. My partner played really well and my coach, Jeff Smith, did a great job getting us ready.” Harrison and Ekstrom played together last year at this same championships in the under-14 division and finished fifth.

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Monazite was mined in the US only for a short time before larger deposits were found in India and Brazil.

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