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This is a major victory for the MNA/NNU, all nurses in Massachusetts and most importantly, for our patients.To learn more about the law and how it works, follow this link to a video of an MNA/NNU press conference featuring MNA/NNU President Donna Kelly-Williams and State Representative Denis Garlick, RN (D-Needham) providing an in depth description of the new law: The law protects nurses by prohibiting any discrimination, dismissal, discharge or any other employment decision based on a nurses' refusal to accept work in excess of the limitations on mandatory overtime. We are dedicated to making sure this law works the way that the Legislature intended.On August 6, 2012, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law a health care payment reform bill that includes a ban on mandatory overtime proposed by the MNA/NNU. 5th and now all hospitals are required to comply with the measure.To assist nurses in understanding this new law and its implications, the MNA has created this web page to provide background on the issue, as well as a mechanism for nurses to report violations of the law.Frequently asked questions about the law and regulations are here (open in a new window).by Lonnie Golden and Helene Jorgensen Over the last two decades, American workers have been clocking more and more hours on the job, and they now work more hours than workers in any other industrialized country.The final regulations governing mandatory nurse overtime became effective October 12, 2011.

For a list of employees that are not covered, click on N. Click on the form number to obtain a copy of this form or contact the Division of Wage and Hour Compliance at (609) 292-2305.A Law to Ban the Dangerous Practice of Mandatory Overtime Went Into Effect on November 5, 2012.As we progress through the winter flu season, we expect some irresponsible employers will attempt to violate the law and illegally force nurses to work beyond their schedule shift to cover for staffing shortages.What can I do if I was required to work overtime but I do not believe my employer met the requirements of the law? An employer who is in violation of the law will be subject to monetary penalties in accordance with N. What happens after I file a Mandatory Overtime Complaint? The New Jersey Mandatory Overtime Restrictions for Health Care Facilities stipulates the conditions under which health care facilities may require certain hourly employees to work overtime.

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