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Before meeting Schiffman, Hoda was dating lawyer Jay Blumenkopf for two days, according to Daily Mail.

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I am attracted to people with passion for things so I like pictures of people at a concert or playing sports. These are people I could imagine having a conversation with over coffee.

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The app doesn't generate any objectionable content, but depending on your contacts, there's always that risk.

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Not only you don’t see couples holding hands, but also you don’t see Thai men hitting on any women in clubs, bars, nor on the street. Only a couple of times I had to attend the ceremony.

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The new X5R micro four thirds mount camera features a sensor that is 8 times bigger than the non-Pro/Raw inspire 1 and phantom 2/3 models, and can record RAW lossless* 4K videos at up to 30 frames per second and Full HD videos at 60 frames per second.